About Modus Ceilings

We offer a complete range of ceiling replacements and repairs.

Modus Ceilings bring a level of service to trades usually only expected from “White Collar” professionals.

When we say we are going to be somewhere or do something we keep that promise. Our office is manned from 7am to 5pm so that your phone calls can be answered and your emails responded to promptly.

It’s pretty difficult when working in a confined roof space to answer when a customer calls, or to promptly attend to a quote when there is a pressing job to finish. At Modus everyone has their specific job; scheduling and customer service, estimating, attending to the job and preparing the final invoice. Our service is built around everyone doing what they do best to ensure we can deliver outstanding service and quality workmanship right across Perth.

As a licensed painting and electrical company, we can take care of the whole job start to finish.

If you are looking for the premier ceiling company in Perth, give us a call on 1300 136 384 or send us a quote request.

EC 12141 | Painters Registration 8125 | Builders License BC102438