Sagging Ceiling Repair Perth

A sagging ceiling in your home or garage is one of those problems that you might not see coming before it’s too late.

Sagging ceilings can be the result of less-strict industry practices many years ago that used substandard glue to adhere the plaster to the structural beams. As the adhesive loses its effectiveness, the plaster pulls away from the beams and start to sag. It can sometime result in a ceiling falling down completely, so it’s best to be proactive and repair the ceiling at the first signs of sagging.

How can I spot a sagging ceiling?

A sagging ceiling is best spotted under light in the evening. If you see one or more very visible lines running across the ceiling, then it’s most likely a sagging ceiling and should be repaired.

Other symptoms of a sagging ceiling include:

  • Visible join lines throughout rooms
  • Screw holes showing
  • Bow in ceiling
  • Visible gaps between ceiling and timber rafters inside roof space
  • By pushing on sections of your ceiling and if there is any movement then your ceiling is sagging
  • Noises or cracking sounds

A general rule of thumb is that if there is any movement when you push on sections of your ceiling, then it’s likely sagging and will need to be re-strapped.

Can sagging ceilings be fixed?

Yes, in most instances. The team at Modus are experienced in sagging ceiling repair for Perth homes and commercial properties. In most instances, if the issue is caught early, we can simply either re-strap or re-fix the sagging ceiling.

Modus’ sagging ceiling repair in Perth is a cost-effective solution and will be less disruptive in the long-term to your household or business.

The team at Modus Ceilings provide free ceiling inspections and quotes on sagging ceiling repair in Perth.

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